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above and beyond your expectations

Above and beyond your expectations... it's more than just our slogan, it's our design philosophy.

Our primary focus is to not only assist you in designing and remodeling your kitchen or bath; more importantly we promise to do so through an experience that provides overall results beyond your expectations!

Working specifically within the existing footprint of your home, we strive to creatively re-design the space to fit your current needs and desires along the way following our extensive Beyond Kitchen Design/Remodel Process:

Let's discuss "How do you want your kitchen or bathroom to feel?”

Some of the moods we've helped our clients create are: warm, inviting, dramatic, cozy, romantic, serene, spacious and clean. We believe you know best, you may just need some help defining it. We'll be your guide and your advocate to make sure the best definition of that mood is what you receive!

Putting that "image in your head" on paper.

After years of working with clients, much like yourself, we've discovered there is always more than one solution to each kitchen or bathroom design. We'll explore many creative solutions with you before we settle on one final path together.

Helping you select the products to complete your masterpiece.

We're here to guide you along every step of the way! From the selection of your basic plumbing fixtures to the finishing touches of custom cabinetry we'll work to ensure each selection fits together to create a room that is uniquely you and reflects the "mood" you desire!

Working with our team to provide accurate project pricing.

As your selections are made, our staff will begin to work with our trusted team of sub-contractors. We enjoy number crunching and will act as your personal financial advisors as we work to select the best options in your desired price range. It's our job to find you selections that work within your design and within your budget and we're eager to get started!

Monitoring & managing the team as construction is underway!

We'll schedule and follow-up with our sub-contractors throughout the entire construction process. From the littlest of details to the grandest, our team will make sure that the everything is covered... the products you selected are ordered - received on time - and properly installed.

The Beyond Kitchens Design/Remodel Process is our way of working with you to ensure that the experience you have in designing and completing a project of this caliber leaves you wanting to update the rest of your home just as well. We're excited to get started with you, contact us to set up your initial consultation today!

Plato Woodwork

Beyond Kitchens uses Plato Woodwork (Plato, Minnesota) cabinetry in their designs. Since 1893, Plato Woodwork has earned its reputation as one of America's preeminent fine custom cabinetry manufacturers.

Every Plato cabinet is made to fit Beyond Kitchen's specifications. For more information: www.platowoodwork.com.

plato woodwork

Real Closet

"We've been using this product since last year and we're absolutely thrilled with it because of its heavy construction and its flexibility. It's been great to use for taditional sliding door closets, master closets, storage spaces, and pantries, as we can customized them to the client's storage needs without skimping on sturdiness and durability." -Diane

Reasonably priced. Real closet is considered a great value compared to most major closet manufactures.

Environmentally friendly. All of the wood products used to construct Real Closets are Forest Stewardship Certified. The Forest Stewardship Council sets forth principles, criteria, and standards that span economic, social, and environmental concerns, achieving the "The mark of responsible forestry." The Real Closet plywood product is CARB II compliant (No Added Urea Formaldehyde). Real closet uses state of art UV water born finishes which are environmentally safe.

All wood construction. Unlike all the other closet companies that use particle board real closet is a plywood core product with real maple profiled edges.

Longer length shelving. Real Closet's Patent Pending Twin Beam Shelf is one of the strongest in the industry spanning up to 5' in length.

For more information: www.realcloset.com

Hunter Douglas

"Hunter Douglas window coverings are a wonderfully diverse line of products - offering something for every application. They've allowed us to offer our clients that "final touch" product when it comes to their remodeling project.

Too many times we would revisit our clients' homes a year or two later to find that they still hadn't gotten around to ordering window covers. Now, with Hunter Douglas, we can incorporate that "finishing touch" into all of our remodeling projects." - Diane

More information: www.hunterdouglas.com

Kessick Wine Cellars

"If you're looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind custom wine cellar, Kessick has terrific solutions. We've enjoyed using them in various homes and will continue to do so.

Their latest addition is what has me really excited about Kessick. They now offer a component system, giving anyone the ability to incorporate a little wine storage into whatever size space you'd like to dedicate to it. The price point is so reasonable and it's easy to take a component and intermix into almost any environment." - Diane

Kessick is a wholesale manufacturer of high quality Sapele Mahogany wine cellar racking made in the US. More information: www.kessickwinecellars.com

Thank you for a beautiful kitchen! You are such a good team and we appreciate the contributions each of you made to the final product. I enjoy my kitchen every day; it makes me happy just to be in it!

Many thanks,
Marian and Jim

Thank you so much for your prompt response to our floor problem. The floors were refinished on July 7 and look great! The kitchen continues to bring us joy and entertain. We are so happy that we chose to remodel.

Ann & Dave

Thank you for a wonderful year in our new kitchen. Family, friends, food - memorable moments of laughter, joy and time together. Thank you for sharing your artistic talent...and your caring hearts!

Linda & Family

We are enjoying our new look kitchen so much! I had a coffee yesterday and am pretty sure Jean Ruak will call you! Now - I need to get pictures etc, re-hung. Thanks so very much for everything, it was fun! Company has loved it - 1 down, 2 to go!

The best, 
Joan and Bruce

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